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Monday, November 28, 2011

R.L. Stine's Goosebumps

R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series is a series many of us grow up with.
Goosebumps is perfect for every generation!
With over 60 books to choose from and many different Goosebumps series, thrills and scares are guaranteed!!

 Goosebumps Classic #1: Welcome to Dead House
Just when you thought it was safe....the 25 top-selling titles in the series that revolutionized horror for kids are back w/ a fresh new look. The updated design will make you scream. The original artwork will give you nightmares. And the classic bone-chilling stories from the master of horror will just kill you. This spine-tingling series sparked a licensing phenomenon & made R.L. the #1 author in the U.S.--and it's STILL the "must have" collection for true horror fans. Now a whole new generation will discover the thrill of reading ...and they'll never be the same again.

 Give Yourself Goosebumps #8: The Curse of the Creeping Coffin
Goosebumps fans will return to this adventure time and again to choose among the 20 spooky outcomes. When the tombstones behind Grandmother's house move closer and closer, the reader can stay and battle the ghosts or run away--with ghostly company!

Goosebumps HorrorLand #19: The Horror at Chiller House
Take a little Horror home with you!
Jonathan Chiller has called the kids from books #13-18 back to HorrorLand to collect payment. The only way for the kids to get back home is for them to win at a HorrorLand-style scavenger hunt. They each must find a red chest. Inside, the miniature Horror will act as a portal to send them back home.
They'll be competing against Murder the Clown, Chef Belcher, Mondo the Magical, and three other unsavory characters from the previous six books. Little do they know that all six adversaries are actually Chiller in disguise. And Chiller will lie and cheat his way to victory. 
 Goosebumps Hall of Horrors #4: Why I Quit Zombie School
Welcome to the Hall of Horrors, HorrorLand's Hall of Fame for the truly terrifying.
Matt was never a superstar in school, but he's definitely the most energetic and quick-witted student here. But what's up with the others? His suspicions are finally confirmed when Franny, his new friend asks, "How long have you been dead?" To his horror, Matt realizes his parents have unknowingly enrolled him in a zombie school. When Matt overhears the zombie plans to march and claim the whole city for the undead, he has to make a frightening choice- protect himself and continue his charade-or reveal his aliveness and try to save the unsuspecting alive people in the town.

Goosebumps Series 2000 #13: Return to Horrorland
Lizzy and Luke have returned to HorrorLand with television reporters to show the world the deadly dangers of the park, including such all-new attractions as Torture Mountain, Dungeon of No Return, and Buzzard Beach.

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